OneMillionDollar Luxury Club, simply called OL, is an exclusive Luxury Club reserved for selected people.

Those who become Members of OL choose to get the maximum profit from countless opportunities offered from the U.S. real estate market investments while enjoying the United States of America in all its most fascinating locations through the luxurious services the Club has reserved for its Members.

Being part of this exclusive Club is a condition of absolute privilege. However, OL is not only this, we offer a serie of benefits allowing our Members to rely on our Team, composed of highly professional and experienced people that make confidentiality a core principle. This is one of OL’s strengths, provide an impeccable service and allow each Member to focus on their most precious asset: TIME.

OL takes care of all the rest!
This is a unique opportunity which allows carefully selected Members to become part of this group of investors and enjoy all the privileged financial benefits together with a sophisticated range of possibilities in the lifestyle sector.

OL, in order to offer a top quality service and provide a profit deriving from the investment operations, is structured in a clear and transparent way.

Members will thus be able to enjoy the following privileges:

• Minimum guaranteed return of 3% per annum on their invested capital
• An annual targeted return of 7% net, based upon historical data since 2008
• Use of Business Offices in Miami and Orlando

• OL Club Card, the access key to leisure and business opportunities reserved to Members
• Many more exclusive services

The Real Estate Investment Partner

For the investment part, OL has chosen to partner with a company that has strong expertise and experience in the purchase, management and resale of U.S. residential and commercial real estate investments: OPISAS

OPISAS is an international company that since 2008 has specialized in the sale and brokerage of real estate investments in the United States of America. Its successful track record in this sector allows to ensure both the yield and the safety of the investments; through clear and transparent real estate transactions. That is possible thanks to the daily analysis of the international real estate market, the search for high margins of appreciation and competitive opportunities, the proven expertise and professionalism, and a wide array of other related services.

More informations about OPISAS

In the market since
and with 18 offices 
in 3 continents

+ $295 M in rent fees
earned by its clients

+ 3.800
properties transacted
+ 600
Asset manager for
35 companies

US certified
purchase process

+ 3.000 commercial
partners worldwide
+ 20 strategic alliances 
with real estate
associations, including

Our business model

From single housing units to balanced property packages to comprehensive consultancy as Real Estate Asset Manager. Together with the Investor, we plan the real estate investment that best matches their expectations.

Location and asset selection
Direct and in full equity acquisition
Full renovation post due diligence*
Income generation
Selecting and placing the tenant
Net yields from 6 to 11% + Capital Gain
Complete thanks to property managers

* Due Diligence: Investigation and control of data and information relating to the subject of negotiation.

Why the USA

Some reasons to invest in the U.S. real estate market

$33,3 Trillion
residential market value

1,4 M properties for sale
vs 333 M residents

fiscal regime
Currency diversification
in USD
Trasparency and efficiency 
of the legal and economic system

79,9% of tenants in OPISAS
targeted property segments

Where we invest

Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and many more..

The product strategy

OLthanks to the long-term experience of its real estate partner, has developed a strategy that allows its Members to obtain the maximum result even with a minimal investment.

We find the properties and purchase them

OL focuses its investments both in properties and in real estate projects located in cities of major strategic significance.

We manage the real estate in a profitable manner

OL pays much attention to each and every aspect related to the profitable management of the properties, in order to ensure an increase in their market value.

We resell the properties

Once the objective has been achieved, OL makes a market analysis focused on the resale of the properties at the most profitable conditions.

How to become part of the OL Club

• Be introduced to the club by another Member
• Have 
OL open an America Company, this company will be owned 100% by the investor
• Have 
OL open the bank account of the company (e-banking included)
• Purchase already renovated and rented real estate in order to assure an income from the first day of ownership
• Accurate assistance throughout the life of the investments with periodic and clear reports
• Access to all services reserved to the Club’s Members

Each Member will have a private access to the “Member Area” of the website. This access will allow you to:

• Discover all the services and privileges
• View all the information related to the investments made
• Monitor the performances through a consolidated system
• View the dedicated Reports
• View the NAV (Net Asset Value) which will be calculated annually
• Stay up-to-date on what’s new in OL
• Be updated in real time on any available news reserved for you